“Mind in Vegas” launched in November 2011 with a clear goal in mind: to combat fluff, myths and preconceived ideas about Las Vegas with personal accounts of actual life in the city.

I’m compelled to blog about Vegas because normally thoughtful and curious people disdain the city without really knowing anything about it. Some objections are moral, some environmental, and some are based on a kind of generational prejudice. In fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a place so subject to uninformed criticism.

Since I’ve lived and roamed all over the globe—Paris, Beirut, Shanghai, Aleppo, Nairobi, Copenhagen, Rome, Cairo, Tokyo, Seville, Sydney—Las Vegas is, for me, one more stop on the itinerary. I’m wide-eyed. I’m glad I live here.

Photo by Shane O’Neil, 2012