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High Desert with Cactus, Vegas

How To Find The Needle In The Desert

A hike through a Nevada state park has unexpected consequences

I was hungry. And so ready for fajitas. “We have to go back,” my companion said. I looked at him, standing helplessly next to the parked car, and decided he was crazy. “It’s a big key,” he said matter-of-factly. “We’ll see it.” That was true—it was a big, expensive, black …more How To Find The Needle In The Desert

Vegas Christmas Cactus

Vegas Does Christmas

The Ethel M Holiday Cactus Lighting rings in the season

Christmas, the theatrical season of excess, syncs perfectly with Las Vegas, the theatrical city of extremes. Cue the cocktail waitresses in saucy fur-trimmed minis, monumental snowflakes flaunting their fractals, roasted pheasant stuffed with white truffles, carolers belting out holiday show tunes. Even the Santa sitting in an elegant, out-sized throne …more Vegas Does Christmas

The Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Viewing The Mojave In A Petri Dish

The Las Vegas Springs Preserve blooms in the heart of the city

Lift your eyes from the Vegas Strip and behold the Mojave Desert: it wraps Sin City in a cowl of austerity, emanates from empty lots downtown, etches the edge of the suburbs with Zen-like clarity. It thrums beneath our feet. But most visitors to Las Vegas never venture into the …more Viewing The Mojave In A Petri Dish