High Desert with Cactus, Vegas

How To Find The Needle In The Desert

A hike through a Nevada state park has unexpected consequences

I was hungry. And so ready for fajitas. “We have to go back,” my companion said. I looked at him, standing helplessly next to the parked car, and decided he was crazy. “It’s a big key,” he said matter-of-factly. “We’ll see it.” That was true—it was a big, expensive, black …more How To Find The Needle In The Desert

Song of Love (1914) by Giorgio de Chirico

And What If The End Is In Sight

The Breast Center at Sunrise Hospital triggers a craving for mandalas

The young, upbeat voice from Sunrise Hospital told me that I had to go back. For another mammogram. For an ultrasound. For a closer inspection of the suspicious mass in my breast. It turned out to be a banal cyst, a slender pouch full of innocuous liquid, my own spectral …more And What If The End Is In Sight

Park, Downtown Las Vegas

“Mind in Vegas” Is Upping The Ante!

A revamped "Mind in Vegas" launches in August

We are currently under construction. It takes time. Check back in August when we’ll be wearing our new look, and sporting various widgets and shiny, new colors.

Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Pool

Chillax By The Pool

TropFest short film festival debuts in Vegas

It was my first time at a Las Vegas Strip pool, and I wasn’t there to swim. I was there for the movies. Reclining in my lounger, nibbling on my hummus, I took it all in: a young couple, holding hands, floating side-by-side on beige-canvas rafts, their eyes trained on …more Chillax By The Pool