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Shane's Studio

The Magic Head Shot

A Groupon Special opens the door on Shane O'Neal

The front desk at Shane O’Neal Studios is vacant. No way the bell can be heard above all that giggling. I ring a couple of times anyway before setting off down the corridor into 8000 square feet of studio space. The Groupon headshot deal didn’t mention the pole-dancing cage with …more The Magic Head Shot

Song of Love (1914) by Giorgio de Chirico

And What If The End Is In Sight

The Breast Center at Sunrise Hospital triggers a craving for mandalas

The young, upbeat voice from Sunrise Hospital told me that I had to go back. For another mammogram. For an ultrasound. For a closer inspection of the suspicious mass in my breast. It turned out to be a banal cyst, a slender pouch full of innocuous liquid, my own spectral …more And What If The End Is In Sight

Flamingo Casino

Rumor: Spread It

Vegas' nightclubs market revealing names

Blush. Surrender. Presumably, in a Haze. The roll call of Vegas nightclubs slips from the tongue like figs from the tree—heavy with innuendo, oozing with the promise of pleasure. In the primeval Paradise, God caused a knowing Adam to name all the things in our world. Here, too, in Sin …more Rumor: Spread It

God Billboard in Las Vegas

God Dresses In Borrowed Robes

A highway sign in Las Vegas is unlike any other

God patiently awaits you on Highway I-15 in Las Vegas. It’s a big, graphic “God”—towering, in fact—on a billboard just a few blocks from The Strip. In a city where provocative sloganeering is a minor literary genre, the God billboard takes a clever, understated tack. With white lettering, a green …more God Dresses In Borrowed Robes