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Flamingo Casino

Rumor: Spread It

Vegas' nightclubs market revealing names

Blush. Surrender. Presumably, in a Haze. The roll call of Vegas nightclubs slips from the tongue like figs from the tree—heavy with innuendo, oozing with the promise of pleasure. In the primeval Paradise, God caused a knowing Adam to name all the things in our world. Here, too, in Sin …more Rumor: Spread It

Battle of the Dance Las Vegas

And Then There Was Sound

The "Battle of the Dance" rages at the Flamingo Las Vegas Theatre

I can’t describe the sound in the Flamingo Las Vegas Theatre as those feet moved. All I know is that it took over from every other sense: the visual pulse of color on the stage; the cozy feel of the lush, velvety booth; the lingering taste of an acceptable Merlot …more And Then There Was Sound

Rodeo Queens with Purses

Cowgirls Prefer Ringlets

The Miss Rodeo America pageant comes to Las Vegas

Thankfully the house was dark and the spotlights were on the exhilaratingly cheerful Miss Rodeo America contestants. No one in the packed Las Vegas theatre could see the condescending sneer on my face as I watched 28 cowgirls in rhinestone-studded paramilitary jumpsuits toprock to “Danger Zone.” If ever a group …more Cowgirls Prefer Ringlets