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Red Rock photographed by mtnrockdhh

Traces Of The Ancients

Learn to scramble the calligraphic rocks in Calico Basin

Red Rock National Conservation Area is 15 miles from the Strip—its peaks poke from the horizon between Caesar’s Palace and the Mirage—but few visitors to Las Vegas ever glimpse its burnished outcrops, let alone probe its oracular beauty. It rises abruptly from the Mojave, truly as red as its name, …more Traces Of The Ancients

Vegas Dove Thumb

In The Constant Gaze Of The Mourning Dove

Nature thrives in Las Vegas

There is a palpable demand in my Las Vegas backyard. A flock of doves, vigilant, awaits fresh seed in the feeder. Perched in the hundred-year-old olive tree, they look like creamy puffballs, an occasional beak preening a wing feather or rubbing a cushiony breast. Nine today. I count them from …more In The Constant Gaze Of The Mourning Dove

Las Vegas Wetlands Park Nature Preserve

Grunting My Way To Realization

The Las Vegas Wetlands Park Nature Preserve really exists

It was the grunt of the Great Blue Heron that did it. Taking small, gawky steps, it surveyed the edge of the island, its Pompadour headdress elegant but slightly deflated, like a second-hand evening gown. Through the binoculars, it looked back at me—”glare” would not be too strong a word—and …more Grunting My Way To Realization

Flamingo Casino

Rumor: Spread It

Vegas' nightclubs market revealing names

Blush. Surrender. Presumably, in a Haze. The roll call of Vegas nightclubs slips from the tongue like figs from the tree—heavy with innuendo, oozing with the promise of pleasure. In the primeval Paradise, God caused a knowing Adam to name all the things in our world. Here, too, in Sin …more Rumor: Spread It