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Song of Love (1914) by Giorgio de Chirico

And What If The End Is In Sight

The Breast Center at Sunrise Hospital triggers a craving for mandalas

The young, upbeat voice from Sunrise Hospital told me that I had to go back. For another mammogram. For an ultrasound. For a closer inspection of the suspicious mass in my breast. It turned out to be a banal cyst, a slender pouch full of innocuous liquid, my own spectral …more And What If The End Is In Sight

Mary Warner's Heavy Petal

Unearthly Blooms

Trifecta Gallery exhibits Mary Warner's "Heavy Petals"

It may be a spaceship, hovering over a paint-by-numbers background. Or perhaps a nebula of fireworks, caught at the exact moment of explosion before color vanishes into annihilating shadows. To call Mary Warner’s recent canvases “portraits of flowers”—or worse yet, “flower paintings”—misses the point. They are not really flowers at …more Unearthly Blooms