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Kiki de Montparnasse

Very Good Lingerie In A Very Naughty Town

"Fashion Night Out" scores at Crystals Las Vegas

Consider it an Amsterdam Red Light district upgrade, Vegas style: two lingerie-clad beauties lounging in a velvety store window at the Crystals CityCenter mall. Too bubbly to be prostitutes—or even portraying prostitutes—they chatted to each other, seemingly oblivious to onlookers, while the delicate filigrees of their French lace and satiny …more Very Good Lingerie In A Very Naughty Town

Bosom Ground Zero

Bosom: Ground Zero

Vegas is a great city for a bra-fit

The Victoria’s Secret store in The Forum Mall at Caesar’s Palace earns high marks for its conscientious staff. “Most of the women in this mall,” one young clerk solemnly declared, “are wearing the wrong-size bra.” Before I could summon enough moxy to shoo her away, she slipped a tape measure …more Bosom: Ground Zero