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Mary Warner's Heavy Petal

Unearthly Blooms

Trifecta Gallery exhibits Mary Warner's "Heavy Petals"

It may be a spaceship, hovering over a paint-by-numbers background. Or perhaps a nebula of fireworks, caught at the exact moment of explosion before color vanishes into annihilating shadows. To call Mary Warner’s recent canvases “portraits of flowers”—or worse yet, “flower paintings”—misses the point. They are not really flowers at …more Unearthly Blooms

Vegas Dove Thumb

In The Constant Gaze Of The Mourning Dove

Nature thrives in Las Vegas

There is a palpable demand in my Las Vegas backyard. A flock of doves, vigilant, awaits fresh seed in the feeder. Perched in the hundred-year-old olive tree, they look like creamy puffballs, an occasional beak preening a wing feather or rubbing a cushiony breast. Nine today. I count them from …more In The Constant Gaze Of The Mourning Dove

Peppermill Restaurant, Las Vegas

Meet Me At The Fern Bar

Las Vegas Peppermill conceals a secret garden

I’m adding The Peppermill in Las Vegas to my Favorite Restaurants in the World list—right alongside the Gare de Bonnieux in Provence, Les Delices in Alexandria, Egypt, and the Dioforo in Athens. It takes its place not as purveyor of extraordinary food—braised veal cheeks daubed with wild rosemary is an …more Meet Me At The Fern Bar