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Red Rock photographed by mtnrockdhh

Traces Of The Ancients

Learn to scramble the calligraphic rocks in Calico Basin

Red Rock National Conservation Area is 15 miles from the Strip—its peaks poke from the horizon between Caesar’s Palace and the Mirage—but few visitors to Las Vegas ever glimpse its burnished outcrops, let alone probe its oracular beauty. It rises abruptly from the Mojave, truly as red as its name, …more Traces Of The Ancients

The Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Viewing The Mojave In A Petri Dish

The Las Vegas Springs Preserve blooms in the heart of the city

Lift your eyes from the Vegas Strip and behold the Mojave Desert: it wraps Sin City in a cowl of austerity, emanates from empty lots downtown, etches the edge of the suburbs with Zen-like clarity. It thrums beneath our feet. But most visitors to Las Vegas never venture into the …more Viewing The Mojave In A Petri Dish