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High Desert with Cactus, Vegas

How To Find The Needle In The Desert

A hike through a Nevada state park has unexpected consequences

I was hungry. And so ready for fajitas. “We have to go back,” my companion said. I looked at him, standing helplessly next to the parked car, and decided he was crazy. “It’s a big key,” he said matter-of-factly. “We’ll see it.” That was true—it was a big, expensive, black …more How To Find The Needle In The Desert

Onion Dome, Sahara Casino, Las Vegas

Stripping The Sahara

A casino sells its soul

The National Content Liquidators Sale at the Sahara Hotel and Casino was bittersweet—part voyeuristic garage sale, part retro encounter group. From its founding in 1952 to its closing in 2011, the Sahara—its improbable onion-dome minarets cheerfully bobbing beneath the aqua sky—promised not only Moorish lanterns and tasseled leather poufs, but …more Stripping The Sahara