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Baude on James Turrell

Baude on James Turrell

Master of light and color, rod and cone, artist James Turrell may have been blinded a little by his own success. With major retrospectives running simultaneously in New York, LA and Houston, the man famous for turning light into an artistic medium also recently completed a monorail installation at the …more Baude on James Turrell

Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Pool

Chillax By The Pool

TropFest short film festival debuts in Vegas

It was my first time at a Las Vegas Strip pool, and I wasn’t there to swim. I was there for the movies. Reclining in my lounger, nibbling on my hummus, I took it all in: a young couple, holding hands, floating side-by-side on beige-canvas rafts, their eyes trained on …more Chillax By The Pool

National History Museum, Las Vegas

Egypt In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction

King Tut brings Walter Benjamin's famous essay to mind

1400 BC or 2012 AD. The Sahara or the Mojave. Ancient Pharaohs or Casino Moguls. Face it: no matter how exquisite the desert, we need a little bit of flamboyant relief, something that is not beige. Even purists, swooning over lizard prints in the sand, benefit from a jolt now …more Egypt In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction

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How To Increase Your Mojo At A Las Vegas Poker Table (Parts I and II)

Texas Hold 'em secrets are revealed here!

Note: Due to the popularity of Part I (posted on 4/19/12), both Parts I and II (steps 8 – 12) are included here. Most poker players in Las Vegas rely on a combination of experience and luck to win their hands. But poker professionals know that Mojo is key…. 1) …more How To Increase Your Mojo At A Las Vegas Poker Table (Parts I and II)